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WSIS offers competitive travel opportunities to players who are 13 to 19 years of age.  

W9 years of age.  


Please email if you are 12+ and are interested in joining a team for the 2022 travel season.

WSIS offers competitive travel opportunities for both girls and boys who are aged 13-19 years.

Each year, WSIS enters teams in the Buffalo and Western New York Junior Soccer League, where they travel locally to compete in matches against neighboring clubs.  The travel season begins in May and finishes late July.  
Travel teams are also entered to play in several tournaments each season.  This year's schedule for each team are available here.

Space is limited and players are selected for travel teams based on a number of criteria, including (but not limited to):
- Previous participation in our House program
- Respects self, teammates, and coaches
- Demonstrates positive attitude and good sportsmanship
- Works hard to improve his/her personal skill level and ability
- Plays well with a team and is supportive of teammates.


We believe that all children should have access and equal opportunity to participate in competitive youth sports. Each year, WSIS raises the funds through donations, sponsorships, and grants, to cover the entire cost for team members to play competitively

League and tournament participation costs approximately $2,500.00 per team each season.   (This includes fees, insurances, uniform, equipment, transportation, food, and other associated travel expenses)

WE STILL NEED 2021 TEAM SPONSORS!  Please reach out to Amanda at (716) 310-9163 or if you are interested in sponsoring a team.

We rely on the support of generous people like you to help provide opportunities for children who cannot afford the excessive costs associated with the pay-to-play youth sports model.  Even the smallest amount makes a difference and we thank you!

Travel Soccer Opportunities

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